Asian Wedding Symbol Meanings


From the Far east double pleasure symbol that appears on every wedding invitation to jujube fruits, there are lots of Asian marriage ceremony emblems that you can incorporate into your big event. Here’s a look at some of the most common ones and the significance.

A popular symbolic representation at a large number of Asian wedding ceremonies certainly is the (shuáng chngxi) or double happiness character, which provides love, tranquility, luck, and good fortune for the couple. This symbol are available all over the wedding ceremony, on decorations, and on gift items given to the bride and groom. Also, it is commonly stitched on the marriage gown and frequently used as the real key on the wedding ceremony cake. Also, it is a very important part of feng shui, the historic art of placement that seeks to stability and imbue happiness in to the house and marriage.

Some other prominent wedding party symbol may be the monster and phoenix, both asian mail order brides of which symbolize wealth, strength, and splendor. Embroidered dragons and phoenixes can be seen on both bride’s and groom’s garments and even as headpieces for the couple to wear in their frizzy hair.

Some other symbol frequently utilized is the color red which in turn symbolizes joy and fertility. You will notice a lot of red components at any Oriental wedding from the bride’s clothes to the flowers, decorations, and also other accessories. A large number of Chinese marriage ceremonies also have a tea ceremony in which the bride and groom serve their particular parents, in-laws, and close family close friends red tea with longans, persimmons, or perhaps jujube fruits to show the thanks and would like them healthiness, longevity, and prosperity.

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