Asian Wedding Ceremony Traditions


If you are planning a great Asian marriage or invited to one, our guidebook will help you understand the numerous pre-wedding ceremonies and situations that make up a great Asian marriage celebration.

It’s important to keep in mind that these traditions are rooted in centuries of history and are still very relevant today. As such, they may differ from culture to traditions and even from region to region.

In general, Cookware weddings really are a week-long affair with music, food, happiness and love. Several of these traditional situations are placed before the wedding ceremony and are meant to honor ancestors, family members and friends. In addition they serve as an official introduction of your bride with her new husband’s relatives and buddies.

A common tradition is a tea ceremony that honors father and mother. The few functions tea (sometimes dragon’s attention fruit tea) and bows to each with their parents. That they can be given reddish envelopes with money in all of them from their guests, which is a signal of good luck.

Another classic ritual is the Yui-no betrothal service. At this time, the groom presents items to the star of the event. The most common gift items Read the full story invariably is an “Obi” sash that represents female advantage and a “Hakama” skirt of white Sendai silk that expresses faithfulness.

Another important aspect of an Cookware wedding is arranging the date with respect to Oriental tung shing (marriage astrology). This can determine which day time is auspicious and may bring the few happiness, good fortune and offsprings.

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